Training Programs

Induction training to SFS officers is given as per Government of India’s Entrance and Training Rules (Revised) 2004 for SFS officers. The said training rule indicates the course content which is to be completed in two years. The two-year course covers every aspect of forestry from basic biology through Forest Management and Application of modern Tools and Technology in Forestry.

The Academy is mandated to impart professional induction training to Forest Range Officers (trainees) governed by the Entrance and Training Rules (Revised) 2004 for Forest Range Officers. The eighteen months course covers every aspect of forestry from basic biology through Forest Management and Application of modern Tools and technology in Forestry.

Short term courses are provided to the in-service SFS officers as well as to FROs from different states of the country as per allotment done by the Directorate of Forest Education, Dehradun. The officers are oriented towards contemporary issues of forestry sector during these short-term courses.


Training Methodology

In order to expose the trainees to various forestry practices prevalent in various Biogeographic regions of the Country the trainees are taken for Study Tour in Five phases:

  • Introductory Tour in and around NE India
  • North India Tour
  • Central and East or West India Tour
  • Case Study, Range Attachment and Working Plan Tour
  • South India Tour

Local tours took places of Educational interests, institutes, forest areas, Research Centers, Paper Mills etc. and around Burnihat are also organized on a regular basis.

Practical classes on various subjects as per recommendations/directions of the Directorate of Forest Education, Ministry of Environment and forest, Govt. of India are also conducted in the campus and also outside of the campus.

Field Exercise on subjects such as:

  • Forest Mensuration
  • Forest Engineering
  • Ecological Census Techniques
  • Nursery and Plantation techniques
  • Road Alignment
  • Working Plan
  • Marking & Logging


The SFS officer trainees are also sent to their respective states to undergo mandatory four months OJT during their 2nd phase training. During OJT period the officer trainees are monitored and assessed by in-house faculty members and also by Divisional officers in the field.

To keep the trainees healthy and fit physical training, yoga and sports is made an integral part of training. Early morning activity includes physical training and yoga while in the evening games & sports is a must for all the     trainees of the Academy.


Basic knowledge and skills in weapons- ammunition, common vehicles and first aid are also imparted to the trainees by the relevant departments.


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